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Crystal LED Light Box CSB-11


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Crystal LED Light Box CSB-11

Crystal LED Light Box CSB-11
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Product:Crystal  LED Light Box CSB-11


Advertising light box can be customized in terms of customer requirements. Due to the stable quality of acrylic, all products have good transparency, clear farsighted effect, high compressive strength, durable products, and bright as new after many years. It is the first choice for businesses partner.

1. Good and average light transmittance.

Average luminous layer is a special transparent layer of material, which refracts, projects and reflects light, making it beautiful in the daytime and beautiful at night.

2. High strength and impact resistance

Strong adaptability, installed indoor and outdoors, they have high strength, impact resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, and can play a role in any case.

3.Crystal led light box is a delicate product, with strong three-dimensional sense, which can show a sense of fine art and good luminous effect.

4. Energy saving, safety and high utilization rate

Through the reasonable arrangement of light points and the effective reflection of light inside the font, the light efficiency can be utilized.

Crystal light box, side light guide design, average light, transparent crystal frame, when the light box is lit, the surrounding luster is gorgeous, beautiful shape, ultra-thin, safe and energy-saving, long life, easy to replace the lamp.

Display effect

Light guide plate + LED professional power supply, excellent color, waterproof, safe and stable


Crystal light box: side light guide design, average light, transparent crystal frame, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life,Products : stable, solid, beautiful.

No border design, when the light box is on, the border is gorgeous.

The size, shape and color can be customized, and the product size is less than 1.2 * 1.6m

Ultra thin thickness, only 8 mm, ultra-high frequency, environmental protection, eye protection effect

Lamp box light source: high brightness LED lamp, the light source adopts imported high brightness, low attenuation 2835 LED lamp, which can ensure the stability and service life of the lamp box.

Input voltage, 100-240V

Working voltage: 12V

Installation mode: table, wall amount and hanging

Light Strip: the light strip is firm and durable, not easy to break

Easy to change pictures, strong magnetic absorption of panel, can be fixed without adhesive tape. Just remove the process screws around. Easy to install

Warranty: 2 years / 13000 hours

Brand power adapter (optional USB power supply, more convenient)

No matter how competitive the industry, your safe use is our first consideration

USB can used in computer, mobile phone charger and mobile power supply

Advantages of light guide plate

Best quality optical acrylic, crystal clear, neat and beautiful

The light guide plate has the advantages of long life, durability, high transparency, high uniformity, clear display and good stability

Laser dot, physical forming, no screen printing ink, environmental protection and safety, convenient installation

The light guide plate adopts optical grade laser light guide plate with thickness of 6 mm. Each kind of products has different dots, which makes the light box more average.

Crystal light box is widely used in all kinds of high-end places: club, hotel, bar, restaurant, chain store, wedding photo studio, interior decoration, company signboard, gift display, window display, exhibit display, home decoration, photo frame, interior decoration, business center, supermarket, airport, station, subway, bank, etc.

Low temperature (the surface temperature of the lamp is only about 38 degrees, so it is very safe to use it indoors to reduce the load of the air conditioner)

Many kinds of color (red, yellow, blue, white, green, color temperature from 2500K to 17500k)

Maintenance free (saving lamp replacement personnel and lamp cost)


The poster in the light box is a light sheet. It is a spray painting material which can transmit light.

Our company can provide posters, or customers can buy them by themselves.

Applications with fashionable and beautiful effect in every corner of life

Adds visual touch to life

We dedicate to create beauty in life

Find us in restaurants, stores, jewelry stores... We will be there

Packing: bubble bag, corner protector, carton box, wooden box

Company dedicate to provide customers with more convenient and efficient services. The company has large laser cutting machine, CNC slotting machine, laser engraving machine, spray booth, screen printing, argon arc welding, gas shielded welding lamp equipment. At the same time, we also have a group of engineers, project managers, logo designers and structural designers who have been engaged in logo engineering for many years. They have rich experience and technical level in logo design, manufacturing, installation and coordination.

Company Profile

Xiamen Luz Opto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech corporation, founded in 2008, is one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with design, development and production of LED light box, Led Panel, Led letter signs and Neon signs. Adhering to the strategy of "Quality Makes Living" our company has a strict quality control syste Well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all strategies of production, enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Strictly control quality before delivery

All light boxes will be strictly inspected by our several quality inspectors to ensure 100% qualified products before delivery.  


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