After years of rapid and steady development, it has become a full-scale international enterprise integrating stone industry, modern logistics industry, import and export trade, real estate, etc.

Gemstone Stone Industry


Just after the Spring Festival in 2012, the founder of the company, Xu Qingyao, founded Yuande Stone in Nan'an Shuitou, the "hometown of stone" in China, and has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, Xu Qingyao has witnessed the gradual improvement of Yuande Stone from scratch in terms of plant construction, product development, channel development, engineering support, etc., and also witnessed the rapid development of Yuande, and the sales performance has risen steadily.


All the outstanding landmarks of Yuande's projects are usually not the result of an individual master, let alone a professional achievement, but often the work of hundreds of people and dozens of professional teams.