Advantages of customized cinema light box price



Do you know the functions of the customized cinema light box price? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. From the moment the audience enters the cinema, the brand influence of the customized cinema light box price advertisement is everywhere. The customized cinema light box price ads are mainly composed of light boxes and posters, with different light box sizes. According to the location of the wall of the movie theater, there will be light box advertisements of different sizes. Generally speaking, the size of the light box advertisements displayed in the same movie theater is the same. This arrangement is also for the consistency of the overall picture and increase the beauty of the advertisement display.

2. The early admission rate of theater audiences can ensure the effective dissemination of theater advertisements. According to the survey, the customized cinema light box price effect has a deeper audience memory than TV ads, which means that the arrival rate of TV ads is much lower than that of cinema ads. The special scene factors of movie theaters, advertising ads in this environment Information is more easily accepted by the audience. Therefore, the arrival rate of customized cinema light box price advertisements and pre-screen advertisements in theaters is very high.
The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the role of the customized cinema light box price.

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