Best advertising light box products introduce the light board knowledge of advertising light box



How much do you know about the light board knowledge of Best advertising light box products? Let's take a look at it briefly!

A Best advertising light box products light board, including a billboard, the billboard is fixedly installed in the middle part of the lamp post, the interior of the lamp post is installed with a crawler, the top of the crawler is engaged and connected with the steering shaft, and the bottom of the crawler is engaged and connected with the motor. The top of the lamp post is fixedly installed with a top plate, the top plate is opened with a rain gutter, the end of the rain gutter is introduced into the water tank, the top of the water tank is provided with a water inlet, the bottom of the water tank is connected with a water pipe, and the end of the water pipe is fixed with a cleaning head, and the water tank is connected. The blower is connected and installed, the bottom of the lamp post is fixedly installed with a baffle, and the inside of the baffle is fixedly installed with a PLC control unit. This device uses a baffle structure, so that the outdoor billboard can provide customers with corresponding shelter in rain and snow. In places, customers will browse the advertisements in the process of blocking; the brush water supply device can collect rainwater, so that the rainwater can be recycled, and the billboards are cleaned, which increases the cleanliness and display effect of the billboards.
The above is a brief introduction to the light board knowledge about Best advertising light box products.

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