Buy led strip lights products single row or double row



When choosing to buy Buy led strip lights products, many people do not know much about Buy led strip lights products, so they often buy products that do not meet their needs, and the effect will be greatly reduced when they are used. Just like the question of whether the double row is good or the single row is good, in real life, many people do not understand very well, because in the eyes of the public, there does not seem to be any gap between them, and even on-site purchases do not see the way out.

The actual use of the two is different. When purchasing, it is impossible to directly compare them. It can only be said that single-row and double-row Buy led strip lights products are more suitable for use. For example, the energy consumption of a single row is definitely smaller than that of a double row. After all, the lights on the single row are fixed. It is used all day and night, and the power consumption will not be large. The change. On the contrary, the double-row type has a larger number of lights, so the energy consumption is definitely higher when compared with the single-row type. However, we need to remind everyone that the brightness of the lighting in a single row is relatively limited, and the range of lighting is also limited, and it can only be used in a small space, while the double row is completely different. Its lighting effect And the lighting brightness is definitely much better than a single row.
Therefore, I can tell you with certainty whether the single row or double row of Buy led strip lights products is better. In fact, it is not easy to compare, because the effects of them are completely different in different environments.

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