Cheapest diy light box price introduces little knowledge about light boxes



What you need to know about light box, follow the editor of Cheapest diy light box price to have a look!

The light box uses advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), and the ink uses oily ink. In order to ensure the durability of the picture, the general picture color is darker than the color on the display. The actual output image resolution generally only needs 30~45DPI (compared according to printing requirements), and the actual size of the screen is relatively large, with an area of ​​hundreds of square meters. In fact, there are many kinds of light boxes, and some also use round blister light boxes. Sometimes you can go to the entrance of the mall and pay attention. Sometimes you can see it.
The smart scrolling light box is different from ordinary light boxes. The smart scrolling light box can install multiple advertising pictures in a light box, and can automatically switch the screen within a set time. This function makes the displayed advertisement content more vivid and greatly improves the publicity effect.
The shell of the smart painting light box has high-quality wood, stainless steel, special aluminum, curium paint and other styles, and the chassis styles are also various for customers to choose from. The body is beautiful, the window is extra large, and it is sturdy and durable. It is suitable for facade signs, Outdoor and indoor.
The above is the editor of Cheapest diy light box price: a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about light boxes.

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