China Led light box FAQ



①China Led light box cannot be pressed.

② When connecting, do not damage the electrical connection wires on the circuit board.

china Led light box

③ Put the product on the ground and drag it to avoid scratching or damaging the case and affecting its appearance.

④ When plugging in the product, pay attention to the electrical equipment specifications. Plug in the correct voltage, and connect the advertising lights strictly according to the positive and negative, so as not to damage the advertising lights.

⑤ When the total number of China Led light boxes is large, the server cabinet lights are connected in parallel with the power supply. If the series connection time is too long, it will cause the current level to be unbalanced, and then the chromaticity of the front, rear, left, and right lighting fixtures of the whole cabinet will be different, and it is recommended not to exceed 4 meters. For serial devices, the maximum power of each channel is within the maximum power of the power adapter.

⑥ When installed on metal materials or other conductive surfaces, an electrical isolation layer is required to make the installation surface and the lamp edge layer. When installing kitchen cabinet lights, attention should be paid to the surface electrostatic induction safety protection.

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