Composition of Led light box



1. Framework

The main components of the Led light box are steel and plastic structures, the base and frame are welded with steel or stainless steel structures, and the pattern cover is made of glass plates, plexiglass plates, light box cloth, etc.

The main components of small door head, pole type and hanging light boxes are steel or injection molded frames, and the pattern covers are mostly made of glass, plexiglass or transparent plastic plates.

Led light box

2. Carrier

According to its structure and production process, the printing carrier of the Led light box can use some materials such as synthetic paper, spray-painted film, self-adhesive back-adhesive film, and light box canvas.

3. Facilities

The auxiliary light (commonly known as lighting) of the Led light box is designed according to the structure of the pattern screen and the thickness of the printing ink layer. In the past, ordinary fluorescent lamps were mostly used. With the application of new lamps, the auxiliary light of the light box has also developed from a single lighting method to a multi-type lighting method. The resulting image quality, uniformity, and softness have been greatly improved.

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