Discount advertising light box installation details



Do you know the installation details of Discount advertising light box? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. The discount advertising light box light guide plate must not be damaged, and the relevant regulations and process requirements for production and installation should be strictly implemented. The discount advertising light box light guide plate needs to be placed for a long time, and must not be placed in a humid environment. It needs to be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor clean environment to prevent secondary damage to the circuit board due to moisture.
2. Regardless of whether it is the production chain or the installation link, the Discount advertising light box should be handled carefully to avoid heavy impact in the process, which may cause the Discount advertising light box to break. The main safety aspect of these products is to prevent leakage, but production and installation personnel can use professional testing equipment to detect whether there is leakage through related technologies and effectively solve the leakage phenomenon.

3. It is recommended that in the process of making and installing the Discount advertising light box, you must wear gloves to standardize the production and installation, so as to ensure the personal safety of the technical installers, and the made Discount advertising light box can be more refined and accurate.
4. Under normal circumstances, the Discount advertising light box on the surface of the light guide plate has a film layer, which should not be removed during the production or installation process. The film can only be torn off after all the production and installation steps of the Discount advertising light box are completed. If the appearance of the light guide plate is scratched or soiled, it is likely to affect the efficiency of the Discount advertising light box to varying degrees, which is difficult to solve.

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