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It takes certain materials to manufacture LED light box. Generally it needs panel, and light source for fabric and light box. The fabric is with external protection function. Acrylic board is the best outside board for LED light box, and it is the most widely used board in LED light box. PVC board or ktboard are also used as main LED board in some LED Light boxes.


At present, banner fabric, silver carving fabric, oil painting fabric, mesh fabric, art fabric, direct jet fabric and photographic fabric are mainly used as decorative materials for LED light box fabric. Compared with CCFL lamp, cold cathode lamp, EEFL, T4 lamp and other modern light source products, LED lamp has the advantages of low price, small volume, light weight, simple and convenient installation, and is the mainstream light source in light box production.

There can be any color text or pattern for LED display electronic light box, with a variety of changing effects, such as text or pattern flashing, flowing water, rolling, superposition and so on.


The manufacturing dimension of the light box refers to the overall dimension of the light box. The production size of the led letter can be made as required, such as 1.0 * 1.0m, 1.0 * 2.0m and 1.0 * 0.5m. Thickness of the LED light box is generally 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.


LED lamp is widely used in people's life, such as small household appliances, small LED flashlight and LED desk lamp and large household appliances such as LED TV. Compared with neon light, LED letter has the advantages of small volume, low calorific value, long service life, waterproof, safe and reliable, power saving, safety and long service life. LED letter has been integrated into the daily life of consumers, and become an indispensable household goods.


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