How long is the service life of the advertising light box



Advertising LED Light box can be seen everywhere. Modern city are decorated by led light boxes, such as roads, stations, supermarkets and other places become colorful. Some advertising led light box attract people’s attention: some can comfort the tired heart. There are many kinds of advertising light box, including ultra-thin light box, fabric light box, crystal light box, soft film light box, etc. Service life of each kind of light box is different. Service life of the advertising light box is affected by the material and environment of the light box. Let's take a look at the service life of several common advertising led light boxes.


The structure of the advertising led light box is mainly frame, power supply, light source, back plate, picture, etc. the frame material is aluminum profile, and the specification mainly depends on the profile thickness and profile wall thickness. The safety fitting device of aluminum profile is most important. Advertising light box with good aluminum profile can be used for ten years.  Customers can really achieve low investment and high return, if the light box without external force damage.


The main reason is the damage of light box poster, light source and power supply. After more than a year, the paintings painted by ordinary big airbrush will fade. Outdoor pictures can be painted on the surface with UV or paint.


The material of brand light source, power adapter in led light box greatly improve the quality. Outdoor advertising light box has two years warranty.


Service life is different due to different material in advertising led light box. Service life will be longer, if the light box frame is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.  The service life of the same advertising light box is different in different environments.

The indoor led light box service life is longer than outdoor.


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