How to choose quality led advertising board



A very important part of the outdoor lighting project is the selection of lamps, among which the quality led advertising board is widely used in outdoor lighting projects due to its high brightness and low consumption. How to choose quality led advertising board for outdoor lighting project? What factors need to be considered?

quality led advertising board

1. Look at the solder joints. The LED light strips produced by reliable quality led advertising board manufacturers are made of SMT patch process, solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED strip are relatively smooth and the amount of solder cannot be large, and the solder joints extend from the FPC pads to the LED electrodes in an arc shape. However, the amount of solder in the solder joints of the copycat LED light bar is uneven, and most of them are covered by a dot. In addition, there will be different degrees of tin tip occurrence, which is also a typical situation of manual soldering.

2. Look at the quality of FPC. FPC is divided into two types: copper-clad and rolled copper. The copper foil of the copper-clad plate is raised, and it can be seen from the connection between the pad and the FPC. The rolled copper is closely connected with the FPC and can be bent arbitrarily without the possibility of the pad falling off. If the copper-clad plate is bent too much, the pads will fall off, and if the temperature is too high during maintenance, the pads will also fall off.

3. Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the quality led advertising board. If the LED light bar manufactured by the SMT process is used, the cleanliness of the surface layer is very good, and those impurities and dirt cannot be seen.

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