How to choose the Led light box is better



Choosing a Led light box is not a simple matter, you need to carefully consider all aspects of details, such as price and brand. How to choose the Led light box?

1. Check if it is a real manufacturer

Nowadays, many middlemen have taken a few samples and say they are manufacturers, but in fact, they can't even explain the fundamental principle of light emission. The ultra-thin light box is a high-tech commodity. According to the different needs of customers, the design of the ultra-thin light box also needs to be customized by powerful manufacturers.

Led light box

2. Check whether the brightness is enough

Many customers think that the light-emitting panel is a light box, but it is not. To display products, the brightness of the light box must reach at least 2000LUX or more. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers have unqualified light guide plate thickness, so the brightness is very low. For example, a good manufacturer’s ultra-thin light box has a surface illumination > 3500LUX and a brightness uniformity > 80%, which is a better product.

3. Check whether the brightness is uniform

If the light is uneven and there are dark spots, the effect of displaying products will be greatly reduced, and the advantages of Led light box in appearance are not conspicuous enough.

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