How to put water in the Led light box



As Led light box enters our life, it has been inseparable from our daily necessities, food, shelter and transportation. Whether it's on buses, restaurants, stations, roads, airports, etc., colorful Led light boxes usually dazzle us, and major companies will do their best to make their light boxes colorful and eye-catching. In addition to these indoor light boxes, there are many Led light boxes installed outdoors. Due to the changeable weather, we must also do a good job of waterproofing the Led light box to prevent the light box from leaking or not turning on.

Led light box

How to waterproof the outdoor Led light box? In fact, it is very simple. In addition to using a waterproof Led light box shell during production, we can also use special glue to seal all the gaps in the Led light box to prevent water penetration.

In terms of placement, how to waterproof the outdoor Led light box? In order to make the outdoor Led light box less exposed to water, it should not be too close to the wall. If the Led light box is too close to the wall, the gap in the gap Water is difficult to evaporate and easily seeps into the Led light box.

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