How to waterproof led lightbox



How to make the outdoor led lightbox waterproof? In fact, it is very simple. In addition to the waterproof led lightbox shell, we can also use special glue to seal all the gaps of the led lightbox to prevent the penetration of water.

led lightbox

In terms of placement, how to make the outdoor led lightbox waterproof? In order to make the outdoor led lightbox less contact with water, it should not be too dense with the wall. If the led lightbox is too dense with the wall, it will be difficult for the water in the gap. Evaporates and easily penetrates into the led lightbox.

Of course, we can also buy a special outdoor waterproof light box. If the outdoor led lightbox is placed at the door of the store, you can directly put the outdoor led lightbox under the canopy on rainy days.

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