Introduction of two types of advertising led lightbox



1. Micro led lightbox

Micro led lightbox mainly includes small vertical led lightbox, three-sided rotating led lightbox, double-sided arc rotating led lightbox and organic craft led lightbox. Miniature led lightbox requires delicate material selection, exquisite production process, beautiful appearance, no burr, no gap, tight contour interface. Mainly placed on counters and booths to display the value and performance of high-end and valuable commodities.

led lightbox

2. Embossed led lightbox

The embossed led lightbox is to make some text on the blister led lightbox stand out a level higher than the plane where the picture is located, so that the picture is full of three-dimensionality. This led lightbox has two methods: one is to highlight the text and the led lightbox piece is an advertisement, there is no seam between the text and the led lightbox piece, which is suitable for small led lightbox; the other is to make a plastic led lightbox piece, and then highlight the text position, In addition, make plastic characters, repair the edges, and bond them with special glue to form a convex effect, which is suitable for large led lightbox.

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