Maintenance knowledge of led strip lights from China manufacturer



How much do you know about the maintenance knowledge of led strip lights from China manufacturer? Let’s take a look at it briefly below!
1. Anti-static: Since the LED is a static-sensitive component, if the anti-static measures are not taken properly when the led strip lights from China manufacturer is being repaired, the LED will be burned out, resulting in losses. It should be noted that the electric soldering iron should use an anti-static soldering iron, and the maintenance personnel must also prepare anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic rings and anti-static gloves, etc.).
2. Continuing high temperature: the two main components of led strip lights from China manufacturer are LED and FPC. If the FPC continues to be at high temperature or exceeds its acceptable level, the cover film of the FPC will be cracked, which will indirectly cause the led strip lights from China manufacturer to be scrapped. At the same time, LEDs cannot withstand high temperatures continuously, and their chips will be burned out by high temperatures after a long time of high temperature. Therefore, the electric soldering iron used in the maintenance of led strip lights from China manufacturer is a temperature-controlled electric soldering iron, and the measurement is limited to a certain range, and arbitrary changes and settings are prohibited. In addition, even so, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the soldering iron cannot stop at the pin of the LED for more than 10 seconds during maintenance. If it exceeds a certain time, it is likely to burn the LED chip.

3. Short circuit: Many led strip lights from China manufacturer do not light up because there is a short circuit at the pin. Before repairing, the real reason for the lack of light must be investigated. Otherwise, after rashly changing the LED that is not bright, the chip that forms the LED will be broken down by short-circuit DC when the power is recycled again. Therefore, in advance, it is necessary to find the real reason why there is no light, and only if you have a purpose, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

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