Several advantages of china led lightbox



1. China led lightbox adopts ultra-thin design;

2. Using high-quality LED light source, the light box is reliable and durable for a long time, with long service life and extremely low maintenance cost;

3. Diversified design, flexible and changeable flashing methods, more advertising effect;

4. Low-voltage DC power supply, power saving, safety, aluminum alloy frame, safety and environmental protection.

china led lightbox

Ultra-thin china led lightbox: It is a new type of light box that has developed rapidly in recent years. It uses a unique light guide plate technology. Use ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDs as the light source. The product has the characteristics of thin, bright, uniform and provincial---thin, refers to the thickness and size of small; bright, refers to the high brightness of the light source under the same power conditions; uniform, refers to the uniform light on the luminous surface; provincial, refers to energy saving, using a light guide plate The manufactured ultra-thin light box saves 60-70% energy than ordinary light boxes.

The backlight module formed by the light guide plate is a multifunctional new advertising carrier made of a variety of outer frame materials. It integrates the advantages of ultra-thin, fashion, energy saving, uniform and comfortable illumination, and easy installation and maintenance. All in one, suitable for any commercial area. There are single-sided cards, double-sided cards, curved cards and signs in the shape.

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