Several installation methods of led advertising board products



Nowadays, all kinds of led advertising board products are very eye-catching and bright in the night sky. Of course, when installing, the manufacturer also pays special attention to the rationality of the installation method to ensure its visual effect. Do you know that there are several installation methods for led advertising board products? The following are some commonly used installation methods.

led advertising board products

1. Hanging ear type: This method is widely used in the installation of many small characters, that is, the foot code is made on the base of the character, and the foot code is generally installed in the upward direction of the character, but it is generally not used. This method will affect the appearance, and the firm performance is not ideal, but it is more convenient. The words on the door can take this method, but now many are for aesthetics. This installation method is relatively simple, so the hanging type is suitable for indoor display. Outdoor installation takes into account factors such as wind, climate and so on.

2. Code type: The installation method of led advertising board products that we often see is the code type, that is, after removing the blister letter, first fix the base of the blister letter. This method is also the most commonly used, firm and beautiful. , This is to pay attention to the installation of the panel is to pay attention to more screws, install the panel firmly, not easy to be damaged by the wind. Now the installation method generally uses this kind of comparison more, this kind of installation does not affect the external effect, and the installation is relatively good. The words made on the door are generally the password installation method.

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