Some knowledge introduction of led advertising board For sale



The led advertising board For sale is characterized in that: the led advertising board For sale is composed of seven layers in sequence, the first layer is an aluminum alloy outer frame; the second layer is an acrylic light guide plate, and the light guide plate has scattering grooves; three The first layer is the LED layer, on which the LED array is arranged; the fourth layer is the water cooling layer, on which the cooling water pipes are arranged; the fifth layer is the LED circuit board layer, which is electrically connected with the LED layer; the sixth layer is the fins The seven layers are the shockproof layer. The led advertising board For sale with this structure not only increases the brightness of the billboard, making the brightness uniform, but also has good heat dissipation and shock isolation effects, avoiding long-term lighting heat concentration problems.

led advertising board For sale
In summary, this is a brief introduction to some knowledge about led advertising board For sale.

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