Some questions about the maintenance of China Light box



China Light box is widely used by merchants because of its beautiful appearance and strong advertising effect. The maintenance of China Light box has become a big problem. Many merchants don’t know how to maintain and maintain China Light box so that China Light box can be used The lifespan is sharply reduced, the maintenance and maintenance of China Light box, the first thing to prolong the life of China Light box is storage, because LEDs should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, the storage temperature is -40°C- +100°C, and the relative humidity is 85% the following. This has high requirements for the outer packaging of China Light box. If China Light box is placed in a colder environment, this factor must be considered. Cities with more rain should also pay attention to the waterproof performance of China Light box and take measures to prevent waterlogging , Increase the service life of China Light box.

china Light box

Furthermore, it is cleaning. When cleaning the China Light box, you must be very careful. The China Light box made by some LED China Light box manufacturers is not waterproof, and it is easy to seep water, and the LED lamps cannot be cleaned with unknown chemical liquids, because it may cause damage. It will damage the surface of LED resin and even cause colloidal cracks.

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