The basics of poster snap frame For sale



How much do you know about poster snap frame For sale? Let’s take a look at it briefly below!
The poster snap frame For sale includes: a main frame body, a corner, a middle beam, a fixing piece, and it is characterized in that: a rectangular structure is formed between the main frame bodies, and the joint between the main frame bodies is connected and fixed by a corner, and two sides of the corner are provided with There are rivet holes, the corners and the main frame on both sides are connected and fixed by rivets, the middle of the main frame on both sides is horizontally provided with a middle beam, the middle beam is installed on the main frames on both sides through a fixing buckle, and the middle beam is vertically provided with The fixing rod is installed on the middle beam through the fixing buckle, and the lower part of the fixing rod is provided with an installation hole, and the fixing piece is installed in the installation hole. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, novel design, convenient manufacture and low manufacture cost.

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