The chromaticity problem of quality led lightbox



1. The chromaticity of the quality led lightbox is related to the quality and order of the LED lamps and the quality of the lamp cloth film.

2. If you want stronger chromaticity, it is recommended to paste a layer of light-enhancing film on the side panel to install LED lamps.

Surface distance between led light tube and light box

1. The LED light tube in the quality led lightbox should not be too close to the surface of the light box. If it is too close, the appearance of the LED light strip can be seen from the outside. If it is far away, the chromaticity of the surface of the light box will be reduced.

2. It is recommended that the LED light belt of the relatively large light box should be about 10cm away from the surface of the light box.

3. Different brands of light-transmitting films and light cloths have different light-transmitting properties, and the distance between the LED light strip and the light box surface is also different.

quality led lightbox

Light box page end moisture-proof partition

1. Most of the light boxes are not used for a long time, and the surface of the light box is very dirty, because the air quality star index is poor and there is a lot of smoke and dust; in rainy days, "black water" will be produced from the top to the bottom, and it will not be cleaned after a long time up.

2. It is suggested that the top should be more inclined to the rear during production, or the inward and rearward eaves should be made of aluminum alloy plate or stainless steel plate, which will lead the water to the pre-buried diversion place.

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