The scope of application of china led lightbox



China led lightbox is widely used in shopping malls, hairdressing, beauty chain stores, railway stations, expressway toll stations, parking lots, hotels, entertainment venues, bank photo studios and other places. The main features are:

1. Exquisite appearance, ultra-thin and ultra-light. The thinnest light box can be as thin as 2 cm, and the lightest can be as light as 0.5 kg.

2. More than 70% energy saving than traditional light boxes. The world's leading lighting technology makes the light more concentrated, more efficient and energy-saving.

3. The unique anti-flicker function of the light box, the lamp has a longer service life.

china led lightbox

4. The line-changing light source is a surface light source, the illumination is more uniform, the lungs are softer, and the vision is more comfortable.

5. Natural light realistic color design, the image is more realistic and pleasing to the eye, and the visual effect is more excellent.

6. The design of high-tech light guide plate technology, its principle and effect can be compared with the LCD display of notebook computers.

7. Make full use of the backlight transmission characteristics of the material, the light release rate is high, and the light transmission is more uniform and natural.

8.China led lightbox quick opening design, easier and faster to replace the light piece.

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