Thin wall glowing Cheapest advertising signage



Thin-walled luminous Cheapest advertising signage can be used as advertising, sign indication and decoration. The characteristic of Cheapest advertising signage is that there is a transparent surface layer outside the front screen and the back of the light guide plate, and the refractive index of the transparent surface layer is less than The refractive index of the light guide plate, the light source illuminates the side end face of the light guide plate, using the principle of optical total reflection, the light is concentrated on the picture, so the picture boundary is clear, the theme is prominent, and the color of the picture can be changed by light control. Cheapest advertising signage has It has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, easy production, convenient maintenance, material saving, low cost, etc. It can be widely used in advertising, signage, shops, hotels and home decoration, decoration and other aspects, and has wide application prospects.

In summary, this is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of thin-walled luminescent Cheapest advertising signage.

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