What are the Characteristics of Advertising Light Box?



Advertising light box is widely used, mainly distributed in roads, streets, cinemas, expositions, commercial centers, stations, docks, airports, parks and other public places. Generally, the decoration of the advertising light box is essential for a shop, and the number should not be small or too much. It will match the display of the overall image effect, and the location and size are also very special. Advertising light box can be luminous, with advertising pictures inside. It not only lights up the store, but also improves the brand culture. So, what are the main features of the advertising light box?


1. Big picture

Many print advertising media are aimed at indoor or small-scale communication. It is usually very small. Outdoor advertising light box display in the billboard, light pole.It is very large and very attractive.


2. It is clear in a long distance.

The outdoor advertising light box transmits information to people from a distance through auxiliary light and natural light. The strong advertising effect is very conducive to the fast-paced and efficient lifestyle of modern society.


3. It has strong compatibility

There are many ways to display the advertising light box, which has the function of text and color, from the trademark, brand name, color, corporate culture and other aspects of the product. Through advertising led light box, to convey the intention of advertising to consumers.


4. Fixity and complexity

As a semi permanent display equipment, the basic structure of outdoor advertising light box is complex. It includes frame, format material, picture printing layer, wind proof, rain proof, snow proof, and night lighting, which makes its reproduction cost higher than other types of advertising.


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