What are the problems encountered in the production of quality led lightbox



In today's business prosperity and development, the competition between products and the strength of enterprises relies more on the magical effect of quality led lightbox production, because it allows the popularity of products and enterprises to quickly spread in the market, Therefore, more and more businesses pay special attention to better play the role of quality led lightbox production, so what problems should we pay more attention to in the production process of quality led lightbox?

quality led lightbox

1. Short service life

The current quality led lightbox is more to attract the public's attention, so they often use led lights to make signs, so that some words are more eye-catching, which is conducive to achieving the expected publicity effect, but theoretically 80,000 hours, the result is that in many cases, the stencil is changed in less than a year, which brings greater economic loss to the business, wastes more resources and consumes more costs.

Second, the color becomes lighter

Today's advertisements are very good at the beginning, with bright and dazzling colors, but as time goes by, under the influence of some natural conditions, the result is that the color quickly dims, and the result is that the color is not red or blue, but not blue. , purple or purple, brought us a serious publicity effect.

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