What techniques are used in the production of Light box



1. Thermal transfer technology

Adding solid ink to flexible Light box cloth for heat press treatment is eye-catching and colorful, and can replace adhesives. The surface is equipped with a protective light film, which is more resistant to ultraviolet rays and can automatically remove dirt. Thermal transfer technology is an ideal technical means for advertising Light boxes, especially suitable for processing fonts and cartoon square patterns, and the shelf life is 5-8 years.

Light box

2. Advertising Light box panel tightening system and Light box aluminum profile technology

This makes the Light box solid, flat and durable as a whole, and can withstand strong winds with a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

3. Advertisement Light boxLight box cloth seams

High-frequency and high-pressure thermal seams, using special welding tapes and special seaming tapes, are auxiliary technical means for processing Light box images.

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