What you don't know about china poster snap frame



The new china poster snap frame includes a connecting rod. The right side of the connecting rod is connected with a bolt through a fixing block and there is another connecting rod placed vertically. The bottom of the connecting rod runs through the poster. The rear end of the connecting rod is provided with several rectangular holes for connecting There is a top cover on the left side of the rod, and there are several telescopic rods on the upper and lower sides of the rear end of the top cover. By designing limit slots, round holes, telescopic rods, and latches, the height of the poster can be adjusted and used in different occasions. ;Through the screw, handle, gear, transmission chain, installation ring 1, suction cup, by rotating the handle, the installation ring moves up and down, when the installation ring moves down, the suction cup contacts the ground, increasing the friction between the device and the ground , Effectively prevent the device from moving, when the mounting ring rises, the device moves through the second ball, reducing the workload of the staff.

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