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An advertising signs Wholesale Price, which is characterized in that: it includes a column, a lifting platform, a driving device, a clamping device and an advertising signs Wholesale Price; on the surface of the column there are two slide rails from top to bottom, the column The outer surface of the upper end is provided with a cavity, and there are two through holes communicating with the cavity outside the cavity; on the side of the lifting platform close to the column, there is a sliding groove that fits the sliding rail, and the sliding groove penetrates the lifting platform driving device including a motor, Fixed pulley and steel wire rope; the clamping device includes a pushing device, a card board and a card slot that is engaged with the card board; the output end of the pushing device is connected to the card board. The utility model drives the advertising signs Wholesale Price through the movement of the lifting platform driven by the motor The movement of the advertising signs Wholesale Price makes the advertising signs Wholesale Price rise, and the linear motor drives the movement of the card board, so that the card board is engaged with the card slot on the advertising signs Wholesale Price, thereby fixing the advertising signs Wholesale Price on the cylinder, avoiding the use of manpower. Or hang the advertising signs Wholesale Price on the column with the help of a crane, and it is faster and more convenient to replace the advertising signs Wholesale Price.

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