What you need to know about quality LED poster frame products



A new type of quality LED poster frame products, including: main frame, corner, middle beam, fixing parts, characterized in that: a rectangular structure is formed between the main frames, and the joints between the main frames are fixed by corner connections. There are rivet holes on both sides of the corner, and the corner and the main frames on both sides are connected and fixed by rivets. The middle beams are arranged transversely in the middle of the main frames on both sides. The upper vertical is provided with a fixed rod, the fixed rod is installed on the center beam through a fixed buckle, the lower part of the fixed rod is provided with a mounting hole, and the fixing piece is installed in the mounting hole. The utility model has simple structure, novel design, convenient manufacturing and low manufacturing cost. At the same time, the utility model is durable and has a long service life.

In summary, it is a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about quality LED poster frame products.

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