diy light box from China manufacturer introduces how to fix the light box



Do you know how to fix the light box? Today, the editor of diy light box from China manufacturer will take you to have a brief look.
1. The direct fixing method, as the name suggests, is to use screws to tighten, but not every installation scene can use this method, because different installation conditions can only correspond to the corresponding installation method, and the direct fixing method is more suitable for walls. For aluminum-plastic panels, wood panels, iron panels, etc., these types of installation scenarios can be directly fixed with screws without additional construction;
2. Drilling method. I just mentioned that different installation scenarios require different installation methods. If the ultra-thin light box sign is installed on the cement wall or brick wall, generally use a percussion drill to drill the hole first, and then fix it with expansion screws , In order to ensure the installation firmness of the identification plate and daily safe use;

3. Perforation method. The drilling method is mentioned above, and the perforation method is mentioned here. Some people may say whether you made a mistake in the editor. In fact, it is true that drilling is generally not penetrated, but a space is required. Expansion screws can only be used, and the perforation usually needs to penetrate a certain plane, such as the wall surface is ceramic tile, marble, glass, etc. In this case, if you need to install an ultra-thin light box marking product, you generally need to drill through with a glass drill bit to install and attach. Drill expansion screw holes on the surface of the surface, and then fix the ultra-thin light box. In fact, they are all perforated. The perforation is not perforated, and the perforation penetrates from one side to the other;
In summary, the editor of diy light box from China manufacturer tells: a brief introduction to the knowledge about the fixing method of the light box.

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