light box for photos Wholesale Price introduces the structural knowledge of light boxes



Do you know the structural knowledge of the light box? The following light box for photos Wholesale Price editor will take you to a brief understanding.
1. Frame and mask
The main components of the large light box are steel and plastic structures, the base and frame are welded with steel or stainless steel structure, and the pattern cover is made of glass plate, plexiglass plate, light box cloth, etc. The main components of small door head, rod type and hanging type light box are steel or injection molding frame, and the pattern cover is mostly made of glass, plexiglass or transparent plastic plate.

light box for photos Wholesale Price
2. Pattern printing carrier
The printing carrier of the light box can be made of synthetic paper, inkjet film, self-adhesive self-adhesive film, light box canvas and other materials according to its structure and production process.
3. Auxiliary light facilities
The auxiliary light of the light box (commonly known as lighting) is designed according to the structure of the pattern picture, the printing material, the thickness of the printing ink layer, and the pattern width, and the picture quality, uniformity and softness are high.
The above is the light box for photos Wholesale Price editor tells: a brief introduction to the structural knowledge of light boxes.

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