light box for photos from China manufacturer



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light box for photos from China manufacturer
A light box, including a light box, a display seat, a box cover and a sealing strip, a accommodating cavity is arranged in the light box, an installation opening communicated with the accommodating cavity is arranged on the light box, the display seat is installed in the accommodating cavity, and the box cover is installed in the installation opening The box cover and the light box are detachably connected, the box cover is provided with an elastic pad, the sealing strip is fixed on the elastic pad, the sealing strip is provided with a sealing groove, the installation port is sealed with the sealing strip, and the display seat is sealed with the sealing groove. Advertising light box, the display seat for displaying advertising content can be put into the accommodating cavity by using the installation port on the light box. During the installation of the box cover, the box cover squeezes the elastic pad and then squeezes the sealing strip, so that the The display seat is in close contact with the sealing groove, and at the same time, due to the extrusion of the sealing strip, the sealing strip and the installation opening are more closely fitted, which can effectively improve the sealing performance inside the advertising light box and prevent rainwater and dust from entering the accommodating cavity and affecting the overall service life.
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