What factors should be considered in the production of china led lightbox



The colorful advertising light boxes we see in the commercial buildings of large shopping malls and financial institutions at the end of the streets and alleys, what kind of processing technology is needed to make the China LED lightbox, let’s talk about the production of the China LED lightbox What problems to watch out for:

china led lightbox

1. Selection of raw materials for China led lightbox: The selection of raw materials for advertising lightboxes is a key factor in determining the quality of advertising lightboxes. The commonly used raw materials for advertising lightboxes mainly include: acrylic boards, PC boards or light sheets, and light sources. In the processing technology of advertising light boxes, it is necessary to select the raw materials to ensure the quality and quantity.

2. Brightness of China led lightbox: Brightness includes two aspects of lighting and brightness of the advertising light box. In addition to considering the selection of appropriate led light bar luminous objects and the number and distribution of led light bars, attention should also be paid to it The light transmittance of the acrylic plate, as well as the reflection and diffuse reflection of the light, can make the light box of the advertising light box achieve a shocking effect in every angle of light.

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