How to maintain quality Led light box



quality Led light box is a commonly used device in modern advertising, with excellent light brightness and projection effect, it is widely used in shop signs, exhibition documents and outdoor publicity. In order to ensure the normal service life and cleanliness of the quality Led light box, we will introduce the maintenance methods of the quality Led light box below.

quality Led light box

1. Keep dry

There are electronic components inside the quality Led light box, which should be sealed against moisture. When using, avoid installing it in a humid and rainy environment for a long time, and do not use water or wet items to wipe it. When encountering a humid environment, it should be wiped with a dry cloth, and an appropriate amount of desiccant should be placed inside to keep it dry.

2. Try to avoid collisions

The surface glass of the quality Led light box is relatively fragile and not resistant to shocks. During the installation process, care should be taken to prevent the risk of breaking the glass. Pay attention when using and disabling, do not use too much force or use hard iron objects to touch or collide during transportation, so as not to damage the appearance and function of the light box.

3. Proper cleaning

The interior of the quality Led light box relies on the LED light strip as the lighting equipment of the engine. When wiping, it is necessary to prevent damage to the LED light strip and its wires, causing the light beads to go out or short circuit. When cleaning, unplug the upper and lower power sources of the light box, wipe it with a dry soft cloth, then wipe it with a damp cloth, and then wipe it clean. For special-purpose industrial light boxes, detoxifying acid and other decontamination agents can be used to remove stains that are not easy to clean, but frequent use of removers should be avoided during use to avoid damage to the material.

4. Seasonal regular inspection

During the use of the quality Led light box, special attention should be paid to regular inspections, such as: wire connection, heating of the control panel and components, etc., mainly according to the change of seasons, such as the light box is prone to overheating in summer, you need to check Whether the temperature sensor in the light box is malfunctioning. If the pipeline falls off or the surface changes, it needs to be observed and photographed for backup. If it is damaged, check whether there is any phenomenon of porcelain touching.

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