2021 Advertising Aluminum Fabric LED Light Box (LED poster frame)

2021 Advertising Aluminum Fabric LED Light Box


LED poster frame 2021 Advertising Aluminum Fabric LED Light Box (LED poster frame)


Product description


Aluminum Fabric Light Box: Perfect Solution for Outdoor Ads 

The Aluminum fabric LightBox is built with aluminum frames which house the LED strips for even light distribution. Its brightness can be adjusted, making it suitable for a wide range of settings. Our SEG fabric lightbox comes in portable and dissembled packaging, Making it easier to display your products anytime and anywhere. As an information and communication solution, the aluminum frame fabric lightbox is suitable for use on the exterior walls of shopping malls, metro stations, airports, concerts, business events, and exhibits. This SEG fabric lightbox comes default in a double-sided configuration. However, we can customize it to your desired specification.

Types of Aluminum Fabric Light Box

Single-Sided Aluminum Fabric Light Box

The single-sided aluminum fabric lightbox features a single fabric graphic that is held by a sturdy aluminum frame. Graphics are reproduced on a backlit fabric banner that does not easily fade, using a dye-sublimation printing technique. Our light source makes the graphics more vibrant and quickly attracts people's interest. It is a low-cost method of presenting and disseminating your new ideas. As a result, the one-sided aluminum fabric lightbox is often used as a wall decoration in shopping centers, banks, restaurants, and other establishments.

Why use a single-sided lightbox?

  • Single-sided aluminum fabric lightboxes are small and lightweight.
  • It's easy to set up and manage.
  • Portable and dissemble packaging makes it easy to carry about and set up anywhere.
  • You can easily use threaded pins to install them into walls by punching holes in them.
  • They are both sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • The LED light strips are very bright, consumes less power, and lasts long
  • The price is cheaper than double-sided configurations.
  • Often used as wall decorations, unlike double-sided configuration that's perfect for exhibitions.
  • Good for indoor and outdoor advertisements in airports, subways, train stations, bus stops, and other destinations.

Double-Sided Aluminum Fabric Lightbox.

This double-sided aluminum fabric lightbox will deliver a powerful brand message while also encouraging people to interact with your retail location. UV printing is used to create the graphics, which utilizes UV light to print the ink on the fabric automatically. As a result, the graphics are vibrant, resistant to fading, and not easily destroyed. LED strips positioned on the Aluminum frame ensure even light delivery and uniform backlighting on the posters. The LED light source is used because of the high visibility and less power consumption. Its brightness can be adjusted, making it suitable for a range of settings. The double-sided fabric configuration makes it perfect for outdoor ads.

Why use a double-sided lightbox?

  • Available in various sizes.
  • Outstanding graphics quality: Fabrics image is created using UV printing for vibrant image output.
  • The fabrics are wear and tear-resistant.
  • Durable and excellent aluminum frame design.
  • Easy to set up and manage; easy to change the pictures.
  • Built with eco-friendly materials.
  • Long-lasting LED strips with low power consumption.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • LightBox is a lightweight and portable aluminum shell.
  • Portable and dissembled packaging: You can easily take it along with you for an exhibition.
  • It is perfect for outdoor advertisements in malls, subways, groceries, train stations, etc.

Final Words

This frameless Fabric lightbox is built with tough aluminum and high-alloy metal structures. They have excellent corrosion resistance. The Aluminum fabric lightbox has exceptional and versatile display qualities while still featuring corrosion and water resistance. This device is available in various specifications. If you're searching for something similar, we're sure that this stylish and long-lasting Aluminum Fabric LED lightbox will not disappoint.

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