ALP-1414 led panel light



Product description

Single side / double side
Material:aluminium, fabric
Frame:14mm thickness
Application:retail display rack led shelf light led panel 

Better Sales with Led Light Panels

Use LED light panels, and customers will see your products in the best light every day and night. Our LED display panel makes customers stop and notice. Whether you apply them to brighten your business venues like canteens or offices, or you went further by installing them on your retail shelves. They're always catchy and attractive. They are built to diffuse the lights evenly. The LED panel produces bright and vibrant lighting that we can tailor to your desired color.

Features and Benefits of The LED Light Panel

  • Extremely thin: Using Light Guide Panel technology, the LED panel is extremely thin, measuring 10-16mm thick.
  • Very bright and stable colorful lighting
  • Highly customizable and can be tailored to your desired specification. We can customize both the LED light color and the frames.
  • Energy conservation: The LED panels ensure a very low attenuation and a long lifetime.
  • LED panels are environmentally safe and do not emit harmful chemicals in the same way as fluorescent lamps.
  • The LED panels are built with high-grade acrylic glass that evenly distributes light.
  • The LED panel frames are made of anodized aluminum for the glass as a basis and support.
  • Can display light on both sides, except when configured otherwise.

Application and utilization.

This LED panel is perfect for displaying your products in supermarkets, grocery stores, jewelry shops, studios, etc. Suitable for implementing interior and exterior lighting in any retail space or urban venue, including shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, gas stations, hotels, airports, bus terminals, subways, warehouses, elevators, interior lighting, and wedding gown studios.

Last Words

This LED panel will enhance the beauty of your goods. All our LED light panels do the same thing: they produce very bright light, brighten your retail space and product shelves. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and features an effective lighting distribution technique that generates low heat. Let us know what you want; let’s customize it.

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