Alumimium Sanp Frame LED Light Box AL2130(led lightbox displays)

LED light box is perfect combination of acrylic and led light box. We adopts advanced light guide plate processing technology, which is thinner and brighter than traditional light box. Here is our company's hot product AL2130.


wholesale led light box


Product description

  • led lightbox displays
  • Frame color: Anodized Silver or black l
  • Aluminum Snap frame construction
  • Orientation: Portrait, landscape 
  • Face: single side
  • Placement type: wall mounted or hanging
  • 6400-9000°K Color Temperature available
  • LED Light Guide Panel bright and even light distribution
  • Long-life lamps ≥ 50,000 hours
  • High Quality LED Components
  • CE or UL listed
  • 1.0mm thickness Poly-Carbonate plate



The Aluminum lightbox 2130 is an effective solution for brands and businesses requiring 24/7 digital signage advertising. They provide an easy and effective way of attracting new customers as they attract the passersby. In this way, you can increase your brand awareness and stand out from your competitors. 


The Aluminum lightbox is manufactured under the highest quality control standards. You can place your custom led signs at shopping malls, storefronts, offices, and anywhere else where your target audience is. These aluminum-lighted panels are used at airports and health care settings for informational and regulatory purposes. 


Aluminum LightBox 2130 helps attract new customers:


Custom LED signs are an essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy if they want to get recognized among their potential customers. They increase your brand recognition and make your company look like a proper organization or business. Marketing experts believe that Digital signage advertising successfully makes a strong visual impact on people long-lasting. They not only start recognizing companies and their logos, but they also build a connection to your product or service in their mind. 


Aluminum Lightbox 2130 design and material:

The LED lightbox is made of the premium high-grade aluminum profile from the back and sides for ultimate durability and sturdiness. The aluminum does not rust and keeps the lightbox in good shape for years. The sign face or the front side is composed of translucent durable acrylic or Lexan material. The edge lighting creates a very catchy appearance of the displayed graphic and content, which the viewers can’t ignore easily without reading. The poster can be changed conveniently whenever required.


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