Aluminium LED Light Box(light box sign)

Mould surface is waterproof Made out of stainless steel and Acrylic Long life, low power



Product description

light box sign

Our customized double-sided LED frames are available in different sizes to fit your advertising requirements. LED Scrolling Signage and LED Menu Boards are an essential part of POP displays, restaurants, airport directional signage, subways, retail stores, and many other places. They are used in supermarkets, pubs, exhibition halls, and shopping malls to provide efficient product display. 

Cost-Effective Digital Signage:

The double-sided aluminum lightboxes are suspended for visibility from both sides. LED Edge Lighting ensures an even and bright display on either side. 

Built on the highest quality standards, the LED lights will give thousands of hours while costing you 80% less than the fluorescent lighting. The box comes with a built-in on/off switch; you just need to connect it to a main electrical switch.

The acrylic is specially treated for providing homogenous lighting for both sides. The aluminum frame keeps the lightbox sturdy and durable while providing a stylish appearance.  

Convenient and Effective Advertising:

The Custom LED signs are also known as illuminated poster holders and are a very convenient advertisement solution. They are ideal for window display, to attract patrons toward the shop, and to show various products to the customers who are already inside the shop.

The double-sided illuminated lightbox is installed in the ceiling suspended through the hanging wires and screw fixings provided with the box. 

This double-sided digital signage holds two posters that simultaneously advertise from both sides. Each side is eye-catching and attractive to the extent that people won’t miss them even in busy environments. 

Install as you Desire:

You can install the double-sided lightboxes in either portrait or landscape format. The lightbox comes with two hanging wires and screw-in ceiling fittings. You can adjust suspension height as required during installation.

It can be installed at various heights depending on the distance between floor and roof. The installation height should be at a comfortable level of view. 

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