Aluminium LED Light Box 2330(poster snap frame)


Aluminium LED Light Box 2330(poster snap frame) poster snap frame


Product description

  • diy led light box
  • Frame color: Anodized Silver or black 
  • Aluminum Snap frame construction
  • Orientation: Portrait, landscape 
  • Face: single side
  • Placement type: wall mounted or hanging
  • 6400-9000°K Color Temperature available
  • LED Light Guide Panel bright and even light distribution
  • Long-life lamps ≥ 50,000 hours
  • High Quality LED Components
  • CE or UL listed
  • 1.0mm thickness Poly-Carbonate plate


A marketing tool that is low in cost but high in efficiency – Indoor and outdoor LED lightboxes are now a basic need of every business, big or small.

We cannot say which ones are more important to a business – Outdoor LED lightbox display or Indoor tension fabric display?

Indoor and outdoor advertising signage needs to be different in a few aspects, which the companies may choose according to their marketing demands.

Single-Walled and Double-Walled Profiles:

You can choose from the various profiles depending on what is required from the aluminium lightbox. They come as single-walled or double-walled profiles, with sharp corners and rounded corners. 

Single-walled profiles are delicate and take more time in their construction. Double-walled profiles are sturdier and can be assembled easily.

However, the double-walled profiles are prone to light bleed than the single-walled LED lightbox profiles.

Single-Sided and Double-Sided Profiles:

The place where you intend to install your LED lightbox will determine whether you need single-sided or double-sided profiles. 

For wall-mounted advertising sign, single-sided lightboxes are used. The source of illumination, i.e. the LED lights, are mounted at the backside.

Matt white aluminium panels give a classy and elegant look to space and instantly grab your customers’ attention. The matt finish ensures optimum illumination so that the number of required LED bulbs is reduced.

Double-sided profiles are used when you need to advertise from both sides. They are installed with the help of casted aluminium wall brackets and aluminium suspension profiles.

Changing the Advertisement is Hassle-Free:

The single-sided and double-sided aluminium lightboxes have an easy opening mechanism for the repair and maintenance of LED lights (which will be rare as they are very durable). 

Unscrew the retaining profile bars given on the lightbox to slide out the advertising panel. Take out the tension fabric and replace it with a new one that is displaying your latest advertisement.

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