Aluminium LED Light Box 2840(led strip lights)



Product description

  • led strip lights
  • Frame color: Anodized Silver or black 
  • Aluminum Snap frame construction
  • Orientation: Portrait, landscape 
  • Face: single side
  • Placement type: wall mounted or hanging
  • 6400-9000°K Color Temperature available
  • LED Light Guide Panel bright and even light distribution
  • Long-life lamps ≥ 50,000 hours
  • High Quality LED Components
  • CE or UL listed
  • 1.0mm thickness Poly-Carbonate plate


LED lightbox displays are no doubt the most effective medium for advertising and marketing. The LED light boxes attract customers by using an eye-catching blend of colors and illumination. They are far more attractive than non-illuminated posters or advertising signs.

According to psychologists, the human brain processes images around sixty thousand times faster than written messages. Therefore brain neurons make a sensory connection and help the brain fit that image in the memory. 


There are several ways in which restaurants and fast-food chains are using LED lightboxes to increase their sales. They stimulate appetite and interest by displaying their food items that are on deals. 

 LED Menu boards are another practical use of LED lightboxes. Instead of written menus, customers are more interested in what the LED Menu board is displaying. 

You can conveniently change the graphics when you intend to change your deals, menu templates, or seasonal promotions.  


People are always waiting for their turn at various healthcare facilities, and most of them are anxious and depressed. Digital signs in a hospital can help guide people about various diseases and their treatments.

In this way, they are distracted and stop thinking about their current ailments for a while. These digital hospital signs also give information about doctors and their timings and other hospital facilities. 


Banks are utilizing Aluminum lightboxes to promote their financial products. For example, Fortis bank successfully used double-sided lightboxes in some branch windows, whereas other branches displayed non-illuminated display boards for advertising the same product. There was a difference of about 30% in sales generated in the branches with double-sided LED lightboxes. 

The Bottom Line:

The LED light boxes are more successful in attracting customers and generating sales when compared to their non-illuminated counterparts. Their use is not confined to brand promotion and store advertisements. They are now effectively used in every walk of life.

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