Crystal LED Light Box CSB-12(led sign boards)



Product description

Single side
Application: Window hanging display

Acrylic LED Lightbox Sign

This Acrylic Lightbox sign is specially created to stick your marketing messages on customers' minds long after leaving the building, as customers can remember them even without knowing the details. Our slim crystal lightbox can be used to beautify your interiors, brighten your commercials and public spaces, making the Acrylic lightbox the modern and eco-friendly option for home and retail ad Usage.

The LED lights are placed on the sides of a laser-engraved acrylic film. A special pattern creates an even glow that illuminates the transparent graphics mounted on top. The crystal lightbox’s LED technology consumes little resources and has a long life span (Up to 80,000 hours) while still providing a high light level.

Areas of Application

Acrylic Lightbox signage is commonly used in airports, shopping malls, fast-food chains, cinemas, and large retail locations because of its attractive color and graphic design, among other things.

The Acrylic LED Lightbox Benefits and Features

  • Extremely thin: Using Light Guide Panel technology that is barely 6mm thick, the crystal lightbox is very slim compared to the competition, measuring 8 to 16mm in diameter.
  • Very bright and stable: A higher-level crystal display and self-developing silk printing ink give you super lightbox brightness that is 30% brighter than a standard lightbox. The uniform and soft glow and the difficult-to-achieve yellowing give the graphic a very realistic and authentic appearance.
  • Energy conservation: The acrylic light box's LED panels ensure a very low attenuation and a long lifetime.
  • Easy to repair and replace; remove the screw and replace.
  • The power adapter is a DC12V approved power source that is both stable and dependable.
  • Certified Quality; Durable and long-lasting
  • Our crystal lightbox is environmentally safe and does not emit harmful chemicals in the same way as fluorescent illuminated lightboxes.

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