Crystal LED Light Box CSB-4(lightbox expo)



Product description

Single side/double side
Application: Window hanging display



Crystal LED Lightbox with Popping Visuals

the Crystal LED lightbox is a slim, chic, and energy-efficient illuminated advertisement display. LED lamps use very little electricity, resulting in significant cost savings. The crystal lightbox is transparent acrylic and allows light to move through the glass, attracting attention to your photo or brand. With a slim profile, the crystal LED lightbox is ideal for use in boutiques, hotels, and other luxurious interiors.

Changing the visuals

The frame's simple architecture enables you to change the graphics on demand; remove the screws to gain access to the frame. Place the graphic on the back panel and replace the front cover panel, then install the screws, and you're done fixing it.

The Crystal LED Lightbox Design

The crystal LED lightbox is suitable for all wall mounting installations, while the graphic panel is available in various sizes. The aluminum frame is available in silver or black. Each lightbox includes a power supply and installation hardware. They may be used vertically or portrait-style, or turned sideways and used horizontally or landscape-style.

Produces High-intensity illumination, very stable: The combination of a higher-level acrylic panel and self-developing silk printing ink results in a lightbox that is 30% brighter than most lightboxes. The consistent and gentle glow, combined with the difficult-to-achieve yellowing, gives the graphic a rather realistic and authentic appearance.

Benefits of The Crystal LED Lightbox

  • Crystal style, easily interchangeable poster
  • The High-quality acrylic panel ensures vivid and uniform lighting.
  • Uses LED edge lighting technology that ensures maximum brightness
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Guarantee true color reproduction with UV printing posters.
  • Mercury-free, eco-friendly.

Usage and Application

Crystal Lightboxes are suitable for showing commercials, photographs, or other marketing messages you want to communicate to your clients. You can use them in homes, showrooms and office receptions, etc. To get the best visuals from our crystal LED lightboxes, we suggest printing graphics on an appropriately sized backlight film substrate. Our crystal LED-backlit lightbox makes your business pop.

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