Crystal LED Light Box CSB-5(lightbox)



Product description

Single side/double side
Application: Window hanging display



Acrylic LED Lightbox with a Sturdy Design

Acrylic Lightboxes are now common in Outdoor Advertising; to ensure their longevity, we use LED panels, which enable us to save money on energy and extend the Lightbox life. Its sole purpose is to advertise the business or company's identity and draw the interest of prospective buyers 24 hours per day. Nowadays, acrylic lightboxes are commonly illuminated using LED lights, a revolutionary light source. LED signs deliver greater brightness than fluorescent lamps while consuming up to 80% less energy. Also, they are more robust and environmentally safe than fluorescent lightboxes.

Where they can be used

The acrylic LED Lightbox offers several marketing options for commercial settings and venues like malls, nightclubs, convention centers, bars, or restaurants. The acrylic Lightbox can also point consumers' interest to specific goods or services in retail stores, like in commercials.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Regarding the transparent poster, we use only the right brands to keep the canvas from yellowing due to fungicide treatment; additionally, the printing of UV inks ensures the exterior's longevity.
  • Additionally, acrylic bases and high-durability die-cut vinyl may be used to design the lightboxes.
  • The sturdy and durable finishes ensure the material's durability; the back and sides may be constructed of Nordex or Galvanized Sheet. The edges are protected and finished with a transparent crystal frame.
  • Guaranteed Quality in the Design and Distribution of illuminated advertisement signs used to advertise the identity of a business or organization.
  • We deliver various acrylic lightbox signs; they are an outstanding method for boosting your business relevance and publicity while promoting your brand's image.
  • They are available in a variety of shapes, finishes, and fabrics.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities for luminous acrylic signs equipped with LEDs. We tailor our services to your brand profile and budget.


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