Crystal LED Light Box CSB-7(Led poster)



Product description

Single side/double side
Application: Window hanging display

Acrylic LED Lightbox: Excellent Marketing Tool

Our acrylic LED Lightbox is very thin, measuring only about 10mm in thickness, and offers excellent illumination for displaying your concept and advertising post. Easy graphic replacement is possible due to the crystal frame construction.

This Lightbox is made entirely of high-quality acrylic glass. The LEDs are fixed into position on the edges of the graphic material. The acrylic lightbox is durable and long-lasting; maintains cool temperature during operation. At a reasonable cost, our acrylic LED Lightbox provides you with vivid UV-printed graphics.

Applications and Use

Acrylic LED light boxes are often used in furniture decor, visual merchandising, and indoor and outdoor advertisement promotional campaigns. Additionally, it is appropriate for retail stores, corporate advertising, shopping parks, malls, airports, train stations, subway stations, banks, and bus stations.

Benefits and Features of the Crystal LED Lightbox

  • Consumes less energy and produces less heat.
  • Our crystal lightbox is made from eco-friendly components.
  • Has a slim profile of 10mm thickness.
  • Superior graphics obtained by the use of premium UV printing.
  • We will customize it to your exact specifications, right down to the color of the frames.
  • Constructed from durable and svelte materials.
  • In addition to being smooth and polished, the finish is waterproof and resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Ease of mounting, disassembly, installation, and management.
  • Made of lightweight acrylic glass, this crystal LightBox has an integral hook for fast hanging.
  • We offer various acrylic lightbox signs; they are an excellent way to increase your business's relevance and visibility while still enhancing your brand's picture.
  • They come in a range of sizes, finishes; suitable for presenting indoor and outdoor advertisements in airports, malls, subway stations, and fashion shows, among other places.


We print graphics on a correctly shaped backlight film surface to provide the finest visuals with our crystal LED lightboxes. Our crystal LED Lightbox is tailored to make your brand look attractive. Kindly send your purchase order.


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