Crystal LED Light Box CSB-8(wholesale light box signs)



Product description

Single side/double side
Application: Window hanging display



Acrylic LED Lightbox with Strong Illumination.

The acrylic lightbox allows for tailored brand messages; this crystal lightbox gives your business the versatility you desire and helps to fulfill your marketing requirements. It consists of a LED panel with four aluminum joints and a removable glass insert secured by crystal frames. It is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective method of running marketing promotions. The latest wide-angle LED modules optimize light diffusion while maintaining the lowest possible power consumption.

Most companies would prefer a well-lit acrylic lightbox with evenly distributed lighting regardless of the lightbox finish. Our bright and colorful crystal lightbox reveals the surrounding framework (the crystal frame), resulting in a stunning product that boosts the publicity and glamour of every company.

Utilization and Application

Our Vibrant Acrylic LED lightbox is commonly used in airports, stations, shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, cinemas, and public areas. Additionally, they are beneficial in industry sectors such as real estate, apparel, interior decor, trade shows, and home and automobile.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Using LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology, the lightbox is slim and lightweight.
  • High-intensity illumination, very reliable: The combination of higher-level acrylic panels and self-developing silk printing ink results in a crystal lightbox that is 30% sharper than most lightboxes.
  • The uniform and soft glow give the graphic a rather realistic and authentic appearance.
  • Energy conservation: LED panels are energy efficient with a long lifetime.
  • It's simple to adjust the image, remove the screw and replace it.
  • Color of the frame: We can customize the color of the frame at the customer's order.
  • The power adapter is a DC12V approved power source that is both stable and dependable.
  • The product is CE certified: quality-controlled device.
  • Great value for money, perhaps the highest available.
  • Exceptional graphics quality.

Our Acrylic LED lightbox will easily pique the attention of potential buyers due to its attractiveness and visuals.

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