Crystal LED Light Box CSB-9(led sign board)



Product description

Crystal LED Lightbox for Indoor and Outdoor Photography 

Crystal LED Lightboxes are now common in displaying catchy indoor and outdoor photos. Comes in a slim 10mm thickness and features high-quality acrylic glass and crystal frames that hold the image in place. High-quality LED light strips to light it up. Our crystal LED Lightbox can be configured in both single and double-sided designs.

This technology is gaining traction and is being used in retail locations for advertisements. They can be made in virtually any dimension due to their lack of size constraints. Crystal lightboxes are economical and can be customized to any length with colorful graphics.

Application and Use.

The crystal LED Lightbox is perfect for interiors and outdoor commercials for displaying Ads photography. Suitable for shopping malls, restaurants, banks, department stores, hospitals, airports, train stations, subways, docks, elevators, parking garages, interior lighting, and wedding gown studios.

Benefits of our crystal LED Lightbox

  • Excellent value for money, perhaps the best available.
  • Comes in a slim profile measuring 10mm thickness
  • Excellent graphics quality, done with high-quality UV printing.
  • This crystal Frame texture has an attractive appearance.
  • It has a straightforward design and a minimal footprint.
  • We can customize it down to the color of the frames.
  • Constructed with durable and elegant materials.
  • Along with being smooth and polished, the surface is waterproof, corrosion- and rust-resistant.
  • Easy to assemble, dissemble, Install and maintain.
  • The LED Components are energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.
  • This acrylic LightBox is constructed from lightweight glass with a built-in hook for fast hanging.
  • Perfect for displaying indoor and outdoor photography at airports, malls, subway stations, fashion shows, etc.

Final Remarks

Our acrylic LED lightboxes will result in an enhanced brand image and awareness, and they are affordable. We ship them in a portable box. Kindly place your order now.

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