Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 10050(portable light box)



Product description

Frameless Fabric Lightbox: Perfect fit for indoor notices

The frameless fabric lightbox uses a frameless design. It has an ultra-thin bezel, nearly frameless look. The tiny aluminum frames have excellent resilience and resistance to corrosion and rust, making them a very long-lasting and dependable material. The display properties of the print are superb, making it easy to read underwater.

LED Backlight

LED lighting has a high-power and low-energy consumption, making it an excellent source of light for our use. LED panel mount is easy! There's no need to set up any additional components; all you have to do is connect the light source to the transformer, connect the power, and have an illuminated back wall, an exhibit, or sign. Some small tools are needed to put things together.

Frameless Fabric Lightbox Usage

This Frameless Fabric LightBox is an indoor product found mostly in shopping centers and other indoor locations like train stations, bus depots, subway, and airports. Still, you can also use it for shops and advertisements in manufacturing firms.

Benefits of Frameless Fabric Lightbox

  • The frameless Fabric lightbox can be suspended, recessed, or free-fixed in hulls.
  • It is useful in any situation, even in rooms with backdrops or used as part of an exhibition structure.
  • Our Frameless lightbox can be tailored to your required size to meet your advertisement needs.
  • It's simple to install and easy to manage.
  • As far as the consistency of our goods is concerned, you should have full confidence. It is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is fairly priced compared to the competition; our prices are guaranteed to be fair.
  • The LED backlight is durable and energy-efficient. The Frameless lightbox is eco-friendly too.

A durable bag and shipping container are also included so that you can store and ship your stuff without worry. If you are interested, kindly place your order, and we promise to deliver within the timeframe!

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