Frameless Fabric Led Light Box 5030(cinema light box)



Product description

cinema light box

Indoor Advertising Fabric LED Lightbox for Retail Shows

The aluminum profile combined with the frameless design allows the device to be much slimmer and more discreet. The Fabric Light Box for Indoor Advertising looks spectacular for exhibitions, trade shows, or retail store locations and Ideal for promoting your brand at industry shows. This latest SEG tension fabric lightbox is intended to increase the portability, modularity, and customizability of backlit graphics.

The Fabric LED light technology increases your brand's exposure. Additionally, we have color-customized frames that allow users to assemble and disassemble the show quickly and easily. Features simple installation process; perfect for easy swapping of your ads

For outdoor use, you should add a waterproof LED light and a waterproof power supply. The Indoor Advertising Fabric Light Box comes with One-Sided Dye Sublimation Printing.

Usage and Applications

Perfect for any retail space and indoor locations, including shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, department stores, hotels, airports, train stations, subways, docks, elevators, car parks, interior lighting, and wedding gown studios. And other locations.

Benefits of the Indoor Advertising Lightbox

  • Any size can be customized; there is no limit to the size.
  • LED lights Require little energy consumption and costs and Eco friendly.
  • Use LED strip lights with a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours with no maintenance needed for the first ten years.
  • Each LED will produce up to 50LM of light, resulting in low power consumption but a high output; the maximum output of an LED lightbox is over 5000LUX.
  • When combined with UV printing, the poster becomes vibrantly colored.
  • The invented optics refraction technique eliminates the drawbacks of the conventional lightbox.
  • Use high-quality aluminum profiles in a variety of configurations to satisfy the needs of various customers.
  • Adopt Snap-On frame and hook style, allowing for simple poster replacement.
  • Features Mounts designed specifically for mounting LED strip lamps, ensuring circuit safety.

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